Sunday, May 12, 2013

Anchorage, Glenn Hwy, Knik River, Palmer...and puppies!

 Leaving Wasilla

 The Knik River still has lots of ice on it.
 We parked way down at the train station and I turned around and took this shot from maybe 1/4 up the steps toward the Anchorage Marketplace.
 Looking up from maybe halfway. Not as bad a climb as it might look as the steps are wide with extra wide steps/spaces every few steps. Even my wussy butt made it painlessly.
 Here's Pat talking to Bonnie Foster. It was Jim and Bonnie's crepe cart that we made the trip into the big city to support as this was opening day.
 Not only a Toller puppy but one from Florida. It's human was astounded to find someone who not only knew the breed but had one at home sleeping on her couch. The picture doesn't really capture it but the eyes and the Toller smile were clear giveaways of the breed once we got a good look at her.
 And, how could you resist this teddy bear of a puppy. It was a Golden-Chow cross, which its owners told us they got from a rescue in the Eagle River area. Good for them!
 Music seemed to be a consistent tho' never made a point of catching the name of this band.
 Not only decorative, but he poses for endless pictures with the tourists, too.
 Although as an adult I sorta cringe when I see pony rides, there's also still something of the horse crazy kid in me that wants to run right over and beg for a ride.
 I'm not sure if this guy was part of the market or just a true wandering musician as I think I saw him in a couple different places.
 The view going down the steps to where we'd parked made the initial climb very worthwhile.
 This old train engine sits outside the depot for the Alaska Railroad in Anchorage. I wasn't really thinking about anything but the photo opt when Pat mentioned that she'd heard it had been used in the building of the Panama Canal. History buff that I am, that made me all the more interested (and ensured I took a couple dozen almost identical pix of the engine. :)

 There are a couple totem poles beside the engine that I'll have to work on getting some better pix of.
 Last shot of the engine, then we headed back to Glenn Hwy. and back up the road toward Wasilla, passing Merrill Field (airport) below as we did.
 Notice, the snow is melting!
 View nearing Eagle river

 I think the sign that says how many moose have been killed on the highway each year said 148. Not sure if that is high, low, or about the norm, but there are plentiful moose signs to remind folks that the Hay Flats area is a prime area for too-close-for-comfort moose encounters.
 Pat and I had been chatting a couple times, trying to figure out where the Knik Glacier Lodge was, neither one of us quite knowing. Heck, I wasn't even aware there was a lodge, let alone a place one could take the sled dog tour thingy.
 So, just as I made an idle comment to Pat that "I think this is where you'd turn off to get to Knik River Road," she decided, what the heck, and we were off on a jaunt.
 I'll spare you the 999 semi-identical photos I took of the mountain in front of us as we wound through the two-laned road toward Knik River Road, but, hey, here's the river and, below, the bridge you'd take to go to Palmer.

 Feeling adventurous, hey, it was Pat's Caravan we were in (Ha), we passed the bridge and kept going out Knik River Road for awhile. I'm pretty sure I'd been out that way, I did recall the general area of the road, but hadn't been in years, and it was a reminder of how "rustic" some parts of Alaska can still be even when just off the beaten path a bit. I wanna go out there again this fall cos bet the fall colors will be gorgeous and you're right up against the river and/or sides of the mountains. Beautiful area and has escaped being all built up.
 In front of me at some point.

 Unfortunately, the pavement literally ended two miles short of the lodge and rather that keep going on the gravel-y, pot holed road, opted to turn back.... THIS TIME. Anyone ever eaten out there? A sign advertises great meals.
 Back to the bridge.

 People were out on the mud either fishing or mudding, maybe both.

 It didn't take long after we crossed the Knik Bridge to get back to territory we recognized. This is the old bridge over the Matanuska just outside of Palmer. Busy place, too.

 Winding out way into and through Palmer.

Back in Wasilla, we stopped at Family Restaurant to eat .... I hadn't been hungry when we left Anchorage, so we'd skipped Pizza Man .... and snapped this not so great shot of the trees budding. Yes!  And, then I came home and apologized for the dog for imprisoning her for so long while we were gone. One treat and I was forgiven. well, after I let her out for a potty break.

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