Sunday, May 26, 2013

Nervously asking, "Is it spring yet?"

 I've had jury duty all month and tho' never selected, you still have to stick around close to your phone to check in nightly, so have been even more stay at home'ish than usual. So, took advantage of this long holiday weekend coming up to head out to lunch at Denali Restaurant and then stop at Jacobson Nursery here in Wasilla. I'm embarrassed to say that as long s I've lived here, I'd never been inside the place till today but, oh, my, enjoyed the colors and the aromas immensely.
 I probably knew what all theses flowers posted here were at the time I took the pix cos I was walking with Pat and she knew and took pity on my ignorance (okay, she's used to it where flowers are concerned) and told me as I snapped away but, sigh, no notes, so I'll just settle right now for saying "Lots of pretty flowers, some of which I could name, most of which I have no clue what they are."

 Jacobson's hanging baskets were gorgeous.
Liked these, too, which were sorta fence or wall hangings, designed to be hanged against aflat surface. Rows of these. The dangling ribbons were for the eventual purchaser's name to be noted on for delivery or pick-up. All in all, pretty, pretty, pretty, and tho' I walked out empty handed -- lucky flowers, none have to endure being slowly killed by my inept care -- sure enjoyed the visit and may drop in there more often now that I know what it involves. Very close to me, too!!!

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