Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wasilla Railroad Depot

 Since no one was around, I was feeling bold and wandered out to the front. This is the view down the train tracks toward the east.
 Had no clue these info signs even existed. Some closer views follow to enable you to read the info.

 Is this some sorta "official sign," ie "gold miner ahead, beware"?

 Hey, I found a "J"!!! I thought it was attached to the boulder for something when I first saw it outta the corner of my eye, looking into the sun, but once I angled over and looked, looks like it's maybe part of the track itself. Holds down something? I'm clueless except for the fact it looked like a "J".
 Please note, Wasilla has it covered. Christmas lights hanging from the building as well as beautiful summer flower baskets.

 Well, these weren't actually hanging but they were beautiful.
 Feeling bolder, back out front and actually on the porch. Nice bench.
 And, oh, yeah, flowers!
 No trains but lots of blue sky in Wasilla today.
 I've seen this sign countless times but never made the effort to get close for a photo. Now I know why. It sits atop a steep slope down to where the train track (and Parks Highway) are and I only very cautiously inched down far enough to try for a couple photos.
 Next challenge, actually get inside the building. I guess this means I need to attend a Chamber meeting with someone?

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