Saturday, July 13, 2013

So, weeds or flowers? And, oh, yeah, some mountains....

What's left of the lupine.
Fireweed above the lupine
Not yet 100% sure, but thanks to Theresa, think this is Maltese Cross. Wish it was in my yard instead of just alongside the road down the hill.

Had to laugh. These beauties are alongside the McDonalds drivethru.
Contrasted up the mountains a bit.
From, I don't know, Home Depot, I think.

Not quite sure of the real name but have heard this called squirrel tail or horse's tail. Pretty but sure wouldn't want it in my yard cos of the dogs maybe deciding to munch on it.
An EMS vehicle passed by Home Depot.

Do I even have to tell you? Fireweed!!!
Butter and eggs

Artsy moment? "Fireweed in Chopped Off Bush"?

Didn't get a close enough look or shot to tell what the white flowers are.
Pretty flower bed outside the new native hospital in Wasilla.
Hope I'm remembering the spelling right, Jane. Spiraea.
The wild roses are fading fast but, oh, my gosh, do they smell wonderful.

Already ID'd above. Blogspot went nuts and uploaded stuff outta order and didn't notice. Sorry.

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