Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Anchorage Jaunt

 Next time yuo turn off Parks Hwy. onto Lucille, look left. This is the fishy mural on the side of the building across Lucille from Key Bank.
 Just looking out and enjoying the mountains on the way out of Wasilla.

 On Glenn Hwy., looking across the Flats toward Wasilla.
 Hanging basket at PizzaMan in Eagle River. Loved the composition with the flag.
 Cool clouds. No clue why one is vertical but, well, they're probably over JBER, a military base, so no telling what their jets may have been up to.
 Interesting sights while driving in Anchorage.

 Merrill Field

 Flag alongside Glenn that marks an edge of JBER.

 If you click and enlarge this, you'll see a sorta black dot center top/right, then the bigger dark spot. This was a plane pulling a banner ad.

 Home again and checking on the flowers. My tulip has to be the slowest ever but it's coming while below the dandelion and "pretty yellow flower" add a flash of bright color out front.

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