Thursday, June 05, 2014

Hatcher Pass

Remember, you can click on any image to get a larger view. Captions are sparse, sorry.

Just to the left here is a wall of rock that frequently drops rocks and gravel on the road.

Deck (?) on the ol' Motherlode Hotel and Restaurant.

Your first real view of the mine area as you drive up.
They were "sweeping" and "watering" the road in several places today.

As you sit and look up, you're definitely reminded of how little humans really are.

The red roof is on the old mine manager's home, now the gift shop.

In the parking lot below the mine (road on up was closed), looking down toward the Mat-Su Valley beyond and way, way below.
Looking the other way, back toward the mine from the driveway to the Lodge.
Not quite sure what this guy was doing as seemed an unlikely place to catch the wind and soar.
Then again, if you get much further to the left from here, you'll go off about a 20' drop down to the road. Heck, if you're being pulled by the wind, you could wind up being pulled across that and into another drop down to where the water flows through.

On the way down the hill. That's Gold Mint Trail parking area sorta bottom center and a car coming up the hill toward me.
From the bridge over the Little Su.

Wild roses

It doesn't matter what direction you look, it's spectacular up here in all of them.

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