Sunday, October 05, 2008


What a difference a few days make. Took this one on Tuesday, then .....
....snapped this one yesterday, Saturday.
This one was from Tueday but shows where most of those leaves were going, the yard and driveway.

Took this from the front yard, looking up and over the house and the front spruce.
Yesterday I had to run over to Home Depot and stopped long enough on the way out to snap some photos. For visitors, a hint. The Home Depot parking lot often supplies a good spot to take pix of the mountains.

Distracted, I almost missed this one. I was sitting in traffic at the light at the intersection of Parks and Palmer-Wasilla Hwy and had to twist around to snap the slowly passing train. If I ever get arrested for obstructing traffic, I'm blaming it on y'all, a la "I HAD to take a photo for friends!"

Pretty reds along the outside fence wall.
Nice collection of leaves, huh? The scary part is this is just one day's worth as I ran the mower around the day before this photo and sucked most of the already down ones up in the bagger.
Bottom branches of Betty's spruce tree... I think it's trying to tell me it wants to wear a costume of spruce leaves for Halloween?
Backing off a bit, a fuller view of the spruce and it's gawky, topless buddy next to it.

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