Thursday, October 23, 2008

Icicles and Snow

First, a reminder. Get out and vote! I voted Monday and am displaying my "I voted today" sticker with pride.
I not only have icicles, I have icicles growing parallel to the deck.

Weirdness, true, but kinda cool nevertheless.

Zooming in on the array of iciles out back, I love how they sorta knot themselves up and form delicate patterns at the same time.

Should I ever run outta snow to take photos of, I have a red snowflake hanging in the spruce tree outside the front window.

Something tells me I won't be lacking snow to shoot for awhile, tho'.

These are hanging along the front of the house, looking amazingly fragile and complicated.

Remember when we were kids and drew icicles. Mine never had the amazing variety and even "arty" designs of the real thing.

Showing both the snow and icicles, one last glimpse out the back door for now.

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