Thursday, December 04, 2008


Needless to say, I wish I could take credit for knowing the colors were going to be reflected in the icicles but it was sheer luck. But, nice view out the back door, huh?
I'm sure you're impressed that I was up for the sunrise, tho' gotta be honest. It happened around 9:45 AM, so don't be quite as impressed. Ha
Since I had to go out anyway, decided to grab my boots and head out in hopes of catching a bit more color without the trees in the way. Heading down the hill here....

Parked in Idita-Park for the rest of these for the most part. Bill and Brenda will recognize the view.

Betty!!!! I found some Christmas lights! Now, true, they're not mine, but do they count for having lights up?
Rotten picture of the train, it was moving at a pretty good clip and I was just trying to get a shot out of the ATM lane, but at least you can see what we're paying for gas up here.

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