Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Solstice -- Wasilla's Midnight Skies

Betty's spruce tree against the sky at about 9:46 PM, the true solstice time.
Taken the same time as the spruce tree, only looking east, go figure. Blue skies and interesting clouds.

I found these clouds wonderfully strange and interesting.

Taken across Wasilla Lake, probably about 11:30'ish.

Don't turn your computer upside-down. This was the reflection in a huge puddle in the parking lot at Lake Lucille's Best Western.

Interesting sky, a sky of many colors.

Yet, look more easterly and, gasp, sunshine and you could even see the shadows on the mountains.

Looking sorta westerly across the lake. Note the layers of clouds.

I've turned the camera a bit more northerly and you can see the dark clouds hovering, just waiting to rain on me again.

As huge as the mountains appear, they're dwarfed by the sky and clouds.

The same northerly look as before, clouds a bit lower.

Can you tell it was the scene directly across the lake, tho', that was holding my attention?

More easterly view, view with bird.

Time out for a flower break before I gave in to the cool (40's) temps and abandoned the music playing and headed to my warm car.

I'm not even quite sure where I took this cos I was just driving around.

This one was taken looking sorta NNW from the Chevron station that's alongside Parks near the bottom of my hill.

From Idita-Park, looking easterly.

I'm back up on my hill, looking toward the Talkeetnas. Taken somewhere along the line just before midnight. It was starting to rain, so wanted to be sure to get something as close to the bewitching solstice midnight hour as possible.

Snuck inside to download the previous photos but went back out and snapped this one at midnight. Same view, the Talkeetnas from the end of my driveway. Chatted with the neighbors, got cold again, and we all waved and went inside.

Snapped this as I walked toward the open garage door. This is what midnight looks like in Alaska right now.

From beside the garage, Betty's spruce tree around midnight on the solstice.

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