Friday, April 16, 2010

Tax-Snow Day in Wasilla

While much of the country is at least beginning to enjoy spring-like weather as they do their taxes, we were gifted with a late snowstorm. Although it didn't snow much on the 15th, it snowed all day the 14th. Most of it pretty much melted as it hit the ground, but it did leave a nice layer of white behind to decorate the trees and lawns once again that evening. This shot was taken along Long Cub Drive, just below my spot on the hill.

And here's my front yard as I pulled in from making a run to the grocery. Today the yard is back to being largely snow-free, but for a couple days at least, it was back to our winter wonderland look. While most of us are anxiously looking forward to leaves and flowers and green grass, we at least have the reassuring knowledge that snow this time of year isn't likely to stick around long, which this dump certainly didn't. It was pretty while it lasted, tho'!

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