Saturday, January 01, 2011


Happy New Year!
Welcome, 1-1-11
I only took one picture all day and this was it. The temperature was, no lie, 47 degrees, and the sun was trying to peek through from behind the Chugach Mts. but not having much success. Seriously, this was about as picturesque a it got. That said, welcome, brand new year!


Connie,Barry said...

I recently started reading blogs about Alaska. Love it! I found your blog on Susan's blog. I just looked thru your pics - keep up the good work. That's how we learn about life. Simply awesome! I enjoyed your pics so much. Must tell you I got a tear in my eye when reading about the passing of your sad. Chuckled about Betty's spruce tree! Reading blogs is better than any geography/social studies class. I have learned so much about Alaska in the past couple of months just by reading Alaskan blogs. Just to let you know that someone out there appreciates your dedicated work doing blogging! Happy 2011 to you!
Connie in PA

Helen said...

Ah, June, your photos always make me smile! Happy New Year, old friend!