Sunday, January 30, 2011

I needed a "mountain fix," so....Hi, Hatcher Pass!

This one's for you, Kathy. If you look closely left of the path, you'll see that someone else forgot the rule about staying on the nice, hard packed path, too.

Somewhere under all this snow is the mighty Little Su.

Most of you won't know what I'm talking about, but for those who do, dang it, the "Hobbit Tree" is gone. Too snowy to tell if it was taken down or just gave way under the snow and all the winds of late, but I missed it immediately.

Sunshine, lots and lots of sunshine.

View into the sun and down into the Valley.

Nearing Hatcher Lodge

The big building is the Lodge, the smaller ones are rentals for skiers or whoever wants to explore a bit more.

Even the dogs were having a wonderful time and, no lie, one of 'em was named Juno.
Click on this one to enlarge it and see if you can find the line of folks making their way up the slope with snow boards.

Oh, okay, this zoom should help.

And even more zoom....

I sat there watching for a long time, hoping they might get to the top an decide to come down somewhere where I could see 'em (I had the Flip camera) but they kept going out of sight from here. By the way, only two had made it to the top by the time I saw 'em the first time, then went on up to the parking lot just past the Lodge, snapped around there, and made my way back down sit some more. I don't know the elevation of this particular mountain, but it's a huge climb!

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Nanuk said...

I spent Thanksgiving in one of those cabins once upon a time many, many years ago!