Friday, September 30, 2011

Another Trip to Anchorage Photos

 The first few were taken on the way outta Wasilla along Parks Highway.
 I was really loving the play of the clouds on the mountains.

 Even the clouds themselves were pretty cool looking.

 Closing in on Glenn Highway

 The leaves were noticeably thinner and the colors less intense.
This one looks like a "coming home" shot. Obviously wasn't shooting much on the way into the big city.

 Low tide, I'd say.  Ha
 Cloud cover over the Talkeetnas.

And, home again, home again, well, almost, as we pass one of my favorite eating places, the Trout House, aka Windbreak. Other than the Millennium Hotel, where I was staying my very first trip up here, I had my first meal "out" here in 2000, so it's always held a special place in my history and heart.

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