Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Reds in the Yard

 At first it's subtle, the reds start creeping into the yellow displays that tend to dominate here, like this one just above Wasilla Lake.
 Then, as the fireweed begins it's morph from flower to firey weed, the reds begin to color our landscape.
 These two shots, this one and the next, were taken through my front window but still do a good job of capturing the lovely colors that surround us during a good Fall in Alaska.
The little snowflake decal, btw, is on the window in an effort to keep the birds from whamming into it. It works....sorta. Anyway, the red toward the bottom is mostly fireweed on my side of the chain link fence while the red leaves are in a neighbors yard. I've really got to break down and ask them what kind of trees these are one of these days.

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Susan Stevenson said...

Beautiful reds! I love the reds of autumn. Our leaves are off the trees now. It feels like snow. :/