Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall's Last Gasp - Random Shots

 As I type, it's mid-afternoon Monday. This view was taken late afternoon on Saturday. The temps are dropping, there was frost last night and it's possible we'll see temps in the 20s tonight! Yes, I'd say Fall is fleeting and winter is on the way, but am enjoying every last drop of fall colors while I can.

These reds cling to the top of the front fence. The opening, left, is where the driveway entrance is located. There's actually a gate, too, but I rarely close it.
The fireweed, front, is on my side of the chainlink fence, the gorgeous red leaves beyond.
 Most of the leaves in this pix are now on the ground.
 Fireweed, gone to fluff
More fireweed
 Hey, how about tossing me some bread crumbs?
 I'm not even quite sure where I took this one.  Pretty, anyway.
 These blue bells were the last hold outs in my yard, here shown beginning to be overwhelmed by the falling leaves.
 I'd tossed out some stale popcorn that was quickly being scarfed up by my feathered friends.
 The ferns on the north side of the house are fading fast.
They've since cleared 'em out, but these lovelies were till hanging in there at the library's flower beds about a week ago.

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