Saturday, October 08, 2011

October Sneaks Up On Me

 The backyard as seen out a window a couple days ago. This is the same spot that hosted the riot or reds with fireweed not all that long ago.
 Okay, Woody, knock off the pecking on the tub house and shed and go find a dead tree to peck on!
There are even some flowers hanging in there.
Pioneer Peak on, I think, Wednesday
 Another view of the same thing, the snow creeping ever downward on Pioneer.
 You see the darndest things sometimes at Walmarts, like this thrill seeker sailing above the parking lot.
Bye, bye reds, it was nice while it lasted. Same spot out front where the recent dramatic red leaves and fireweed pix was taken. Do note, too, that the leaves are already long gone enough to be giving me a pretty good view of the Talkeetnas from inside (yes, I took this from inside, through the front window) without having to crane my neck or meander out to the end of the driveway for a view.

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