Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ginger and Zach Visit

For those who've known me awhile, the furry red-head below may look familiar. She should. When I first moved up here, Rosemary was kind enough to let me camp out in her guest room for, well, a long time. Ginger, the red-head below, was one of the dogs that welcomed not just me but my two dogs, so she's been like part of the family for many years. Zach, the Golden, was around but was with Sarah at the time, so tho' I knew him in passing, I'm just getting to know him now as they visit for the holidays. As many know, Rosemary has been in the hospital. Our friend Sarah had the dogs but not only needed to deal with family matters unexpectedly, but her Papilion Karma was invited to show at the Eukanuba show in Orlando, FL, just before Christmas, so I became step-dog-sitter unexpectedly. Having been without a dog in the house since Foxy passed two years ago, getting the house dog ready again was done in a flurry, but it's been fun having them.  I won't caption the pix as they're mostly for Rosemary to browse if she wants and can, but enjoy my furry holiday visitors below.  Again, Ginger is the red one, Zach the blonde.

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