Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Whoa, Sunshine!!!

 To fully understand how excited many of us were to see sunlight today, check back a few entries and then look at this picture. Took it last night around midnight while waiting on the dogs to come back inside from "last call" for potty break.
 Ginger even brought some of the snow back with her. How nice of her to share, right?

 Needless to say, I wasn't real optimistic about today being a pretty day but, whoa, saw a few slivers of sunshine not long after a neighbor had cleared the driveway for me. The roads had already been plowed so I decided, oh, what the heck, I'm going somewhere where I can see the sunshine better. The rest of these, to various degrees, came from that quest for sunshine.

 Old Wasilla schoolhouse from the library's parking lot.
 Back home, checking out how low the sun was on the horizon at around 1:30 p.m. Today was the Solstice, tho', so we start gaining time from now till June. Yeah!

Blue skies, snow, snow trees, and icicles off the roof.... yeah, just another winter day in Alaska. The icicles, btw, aren't from heat escaping, thank goodness, they're from what has been a perpetual warm up/freeze cycle that leaves everything sliding off my metal roof. I knocked the icicles down right after taking this, btw. Not good things to have hanging over you when you're walking in or out.

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