Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Venturing out into a largely white-on-white world

 Since I haven't been out since the last big storm, one that slammed Anchorage and the Eagle River area far worse than it did us, thought I might as well get my rear in gear and go to the post office with camera in hand. You'd think by now that I'd have learned that winter isn't prime mailing season for eBay, wouldn't you? In any case, this was the scene across from the end of my very icy driveway.

 Snow, snow, everywhere snow

 The historic Wasilla Depot, which now houses the Chamber of Commerce.

 Spruce trees heavy with snow along Nelson.

 Pioneer Peak

 The snow piled in front is just an example of the many, many piles of snow you'll see around this time of year, many of which will be with us until, oh, maybe April or May.

 Stopped long enough coming up the hill ... love those studded tires ... to shoot my house across the front corner of the neighbor's house and through my chain link fence. Ah, home sweet home.

 See what looks like water on the road?  That's ice and, in fact, the road is more ice than pavement. The ice is reflecting the car's headlights or you wouldn't really even see it, which makes it all the more dangerous.

Sigh, the days are getting reallly short this time of year.

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