Sunday, July 27, 2008

Random Flowers Between Raindrops

Clouds over the mountains... You know, I think I've found the silver lining to this rain stuff. If there is termination dust up there on the top of that mountain, I can't see. If I can't see, it doesn't exist. Right?
My flowers are taking a bit of a beating from some big raindrops but they're hanging tough.
Columbines are one of my favorites. They always look like they're somehow swimming in the air, don't they?
Rainy day have taken a toll on the front flower bed, with stems once verticle now closing in on horizontal. Front left is where the "pretty yellow flower" used to live before getting beaten to death by giant raindrops. Yeah, I know. I need to weed but, dang it, it's wet out there!
Somehow I couldn't bring myself to murder these while I was mowing until I'd at least come in and gotten the camera to snap a photo or two.
This is the smallest one, lower right in the photo above.
Hmm, where did these come from? Back to the flower book. There have never been flowers where these are, right along the east side of the deck, but they look like they're going to be quite lovely. Big tall plant, tiny flowers. Okay, where the heck did I put that flower book. Why does it keep hiding from me?
Another casualty of the rains, I'm afraid.
On the other hand, the good news is that the fireweed isn't to the top of the stalk yet. I love fireweed and have to admit, I was psyched to see some pop up in the backyard this year. Maybe all those wild flower seeds I tossed out last year really weren't a waste. So, where's my lupine and forget-me-nots?
Fireweed, close up. To give those not familiar with it an idea of how tall it gets, these lovelies were about eye level with me and I'm not exactly short!

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