Friday, July 04, 2008

Hanging Out With Friends

As most who visit here are aware, since moving to the Valley in June of '04, it's been hard to pry me away from my hill for a visit to the big city, but if you check out who's in the next few photos, you'll probably see why I made the drive.

Welcome to Summertime in Alaska again, Betty!

Taken in the museum tho' GG and Betty saw a real bear (black) at the Botanical Gardens yesterday on their way to the herb garden.

Sourdough Mining Company for lunch!
Nicely stuffed, we walked across the street and visited with some really stuffed characters.
These cuties were all primed for fun the next day, the 4th
Chocolate anyone? Oh, man, just walking into this place can make you gain ten pounds! This is the top part of the chocolate waterfall

Chocolate waterfall, bottom section

Surprised to discover that we heeded the call of the dogs, in this case Eric's dogs as he does his gig outside? He was just leaving for a circuit when he got there and hadn't seen us yet.
Actually, he got away without seeing us, so we amused ourselves checking out his setup.
Filling water dishes for the dogs as he chats with us.
Throttle and Lycos were in wheel.
Running in team position were Jewels and Ginger, who look amazingly alike when they're watching the real customers instead of the camera.

Leaders were Blaze, rear, and Platinum. Aren't you impressed that I know the names? Thank Rosemary, who wrote them down for me.
Ginger's sweet face
Unfortunately, it was creeping up on four and I still had to navigate "going home from work" traffic on the Glenn, so I had to head out. Loved this wagon, tho'.
Stopped long enough to snap a photo of the sign on the Sourdough, which I know as the Sourdough Mining Company. Okay, shows how much I know, but the flowers are lovely.
Should I ever forget why I didn't want to live in Anchorage, this is a good reminder. On Glenn, barely, and creeping along.

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