Friday, July 04, 2008

Joe Redington Sr. Exhibition, Anchorage Museum

Waaaayyyyy back in the good ol' days, this was what they used as a hand-warmer.
Should there be any doubt, this is one interesting looking boat.

Arriving at the top of Denali and posing for photos

President Reagan's inauguration parade fun
An old Iron Dog!
Iditarod start

The sled closest to the front was said to be the one Joe used in his last Iditarod

Bottles of champagne were once handed out to each finisher, a custom no longer in use as Rae's Harness is no longer around to provide the champagne.

Adorable cartoon joke based on the Swenson vrs Butcher competition while the fans are rooting for Joe!

One of Vi's purple hats
Believe it or not, just a small percentage of the Idita-items Hannah and museum curators would have sorted through to narrow it down to the relatively few items that made the display.
Behind the Redington Trophy is a switch. Push that switch and the light in Joe's headlamp turns on. Smart museum folks, tho', cos it was behind glass or I'd have surely played with it.

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