Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Snow, LOTS of Snow

The dog house as seen from the kitchen door.

Two tree stumps east of the deck always provide interesting arrays of snow.

Out the front window, the little cache that marks the well.

I obviously didn't line it up well, but put the camera on the floor by the sliding glass doors to the deck and clicked. This is what I got, which does convey a bit of how much snow is out there!

And there's a nice collection of snowflakes atop the tub house, too, on the deck.

View to the east out the back door.

My driveway is under all that white somewhere. I'm ahead of many as I did clear it yesterday, which you can sorta see where the snow blower was used if you look closely.

The front yard with the little cache pictured earlier. Looking sorta NW.

View from the side garage door. Betty, your spruce tree looks like it might be hugging itself the way the branches are weighed down by the snow.

From the same side door, I think, looking back to the east and the dog house that the snow seems to have goals of trying to swallow.

Right outside the side door, the gate between the front and back yards.

Looking ESE. The brown object is the wood shed, tho' have wood stashed closer this year after having to dig it out once last year when the power went out for an extended period.

Not a very good picture, that's what I get from shooting from indoors through double paned windows, but shows how much those darn snowflakes tend to cling to each other, even when parts of it begin to sag. This is atop the fence between the backyard and pasture area.

Uh, anyone wanna come shovel out my deck? Honest, there is a deck under all that somewhere. It didn't get touched yesterday, hence the impressive collection of snow.

Backyard from the small guestroom? See the icicle top right-ish? That's hanging off the roof outside the window.

The pole on the corner of the deck that usually holds my wind chimes or a windsock. It's now simply holding snow.

Snowy wonderland

This was the dog house that Hazy adopted as her own. It sits on the deck right outside the backdoor where, smart sled dog that she was, she quickly discovered that it was much warmer in the "big house" than out there and rarely used it after her initial days here.

If it were a sunny day....and we had blue skies.... this would be a great shot of hoar frost. As it is, it's a gray shot of, well, snow and more snow. Ha

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