Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow piles

Baby, it's cold outside..... Actually, as icicles go, these aren't that impressive but I've been doing a better job of knocking them off as the snow starts to slide, so there hasn't been much build-up for them to go into super icicle mode.

From the deck, looking down across two neighbors' yards to the road below. Yeah, honest, there's a road down there. I'm not sure I really understood the meaning of a "White Christmas" until I moved here and began to move in the very white environment we have outdoors for much of the winter, but it really is magical as things turn white and just sort of blend one into the other. Now, if only we could get some sunshine to add the sparkle that adds that extra magic!

Out the side door to the garage looking toward Betty's spruce tree, center, and the SW in general. The pile of snow in front of Betty's tree is just part of the snow from the last driveway clearing.

It's always interesting to see the snow on the chain link fence. This snow originally would have been standing upright (I'm betting that it was probably standing 9" or so before it began to lean) and proud atop the top bar but after awhile, it begins to sag, lean, and eventually falls away. This is one of the in-between steps, with it looking like I've got snow ribbons on the fence. Mother Nature decorates nicely for the holidays, doesn't she?

Even way up in the tops of the trees, it's snow, snow, snow.

A bit closer look. The snow will probably take on the Snow Ribbon look here, too, at some point.

Not only do I have snow ribbons atop the fence in the backyard, but Mother Nature decorated the chain link section with snow, too. For something that was a light and fluffy as it came down, that snow sure clings together well!

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