Sunday, June 06, 2010

First Flowers of the Summer Slowly Appearing

This little one is quite the independent, breaking away from the clump of "pretty yellow flowers" (Globe Flowers) below to take a stand alone. It must have worked cos it's the first one to genuinely bloom.

These were the first flowers to bloom after I moved in here, so the "pretty yellow flowers" as I dubbed them cos I'm hopeless at ID'ing flowers hold a very soft spot in my heart. (PS, I now know their name but they'll forever be "pretty yellow flowers" to me)

My columbines were sorta sad last year, so Pat's given me some new ones to, fingers crossed, kick them into gear this summer. Just planted these in the little cache flower bed and in the process discovered that, dang, there are a gazillion rocks in there just below the 1" line!

And the best kind of flowers, the ones that just appear without you doing anything to encourage them along. There's a whole, big bush of 'em outside the front fence that I'll try to get some photos of over the next few days but these are growing wild along the north fence.

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