Sunday, June 20, 2010

Random Shots From Friday

You probably can't read the license plate on this one, which sorta defeats the purpose, but this RV was from my ol' stomping grounds, Florida. We were on our way into town to see the Seavey's Wild Ride Dinner Show. Some of my pix from the show itself are on the Backstage Iditarod blog at

Outside of Seavey's Wild Ride in Anchorage.

Love the poster.

We picked up our tickets for the show and still had a bit of time to kill, so Pat and I wandered down the street toward the railroad.

For those trying to orient themselves, that's the Hilton up on the hill.
Considering that my first experience with trains left me feeling like I was being held hostage, I've grown to love 'em and what these rails signify, a sort of endless adventure.

We met Rosemary back at the show gate and while Pat and she chatted, I stalked a few flowers.

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