Saturday, December 15, 2012

Saturday Daze was Gorgeous

 I hadn't really planned on being out and about today but a lunch invite lured me out. Snapped all the shots in this entry on the way home.

 The hoar frost was beautiful against the blue sky.

 The mountains were sorta floating on the clouds, it appeared.

 Wonderland Park

 Some of the assorted spruce trees that always lure me in in one of the three parking lots down at Idita/Wonderland Parks.

 I decided this was a Martian Dog. Hey, it's my photo, it can be anything I want it to be. Ha

 Closer to home, I turned right off Lone Cub to the north side of Holiday Drive.
 The train play ground/house was decked out in not just lights but lots of snow.

 I love this shot, which captured the almost steel-blue color of the sky at that point nicely.

 Snow and shadows outside my own front fence.
 Top of the spruce tree in front of the house.

Taken from the deck, looking back over the top of the house.

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