Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thursday Daze

 Betty's spruce tree alongside the driveway.
 Mailboxes with some 12-13" of snow on top.
 Down the hill and in and out of the various parking lots.

 Wouldn't you hate to be a police officer in need of reading license plates?
 Pizza Hut's spruce trees

 Street name sign at the intersection of Parks Highway and Main/KGB
 Pretty trees and skies

 Back home, having walked out to the street and just up the little slope a bit before turning back to look down and toward where the Talkeetna Mt.s are
 Me and my shadow
 The bushes outside the fence are coated in white.
 Atop the post where the gate roller sits.
 Looking back at the house from about the end of the driveway.
 Spruce tree
 Looking back the driveway toward the back pasture.

 Liked the effect of the light on the snow covered trees.
It was nearly 33 degrees and the snow off the roof was rapidly melting and forming icicles that hang all along the edges of the roof.

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