Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Snow Found Us

 The first seven shots are from yesterday, when only about an inch fell.

 From the shot above, the rest of the pix here were taken today, Wednesday, Dec. 12th
 The spruce trees alongside the driveway

 I have no clue why this one is blue but wound up with 3-4 blue shots in a row. Must have hit some exotic control without knowing it. In any case, this is from the front yard into the southern section of the back yard. The dogs were too busy standing at the back door barking for me to come let them in to come pose.
 I did manage to snag a shot of Ginny meandering about once I popped inside to let them in before the neighbors got tired of the noise.
 Only a few days ago you could walk under these branches.
 Trying to get these two to pose together nicely in one shot is tough.
 The backyard spruce tree is always sorta flat on the north side cos of the prevailing winds but even more so when the snow weighs it down.
 Outta focus shot of Gin the Snow Dog.
 From the back door and across to the barn.
 Better shot of the backyard spruce tree.
 Front yard, NW corner taken from the garage door.
 I have mysterious snow critters atop the board fence out front.
 The bushes alongside the driveway entrance are covered with snow.
 Looking back toward the house from about the end of the driveway.
Kinda hard to see but the track in the snow is from the garbage can that I dragged out for garbage pickup today. Hope they come cos they're already late and it's closing in on 2 p.m.  It's heavy to drag in that much snow, so would rather have an empty can to drag back, thank you.

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