Friday, August 01, 2008

Flowers in lieu of mountains

Several have requested a mountain fix, so I ventured out with the camera today. Only one problem. The mountains weren't cooperating and, hey, that is NOT snow you see on what little they did show me. It's.... well, it's not snow. I'm practicing denial, I know.

Berry bushes alongside the garage wall are trying to do something, but not making much progress.

When in doubt, meander outside and take photos of the flower beds.

See, that can't be snow on the mountains. The fireweed hasn't peaked yet.

Deciding to venture further (nah, never once pondered that if I went out I could grab some fries at McD's, not me) afield, I went over to Lake Lucille to check out their mountains and flower beds. Mountains were socked in, but the flowers cooperated.

Loved the look of this flower looking almost like it was floating in the air.

Here's what it was floating above.

Obviously I was enjoying the "floating in air" look. Yeah, like I could do this on purpose?

The Inn has some colorful flower barrels right at the entrance.

Sometimes your second vehicle here in Alaska is an airplane.

Finally, I was off to get those nice healthy fries, but snapped the ol' train depot (and Wasilla Chamber of Commerce) while stuck at the light at the corner of Parks and KGB/Main St.

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