Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer is winding down

We've been "fluffed"!
Yet, on the other side of the barn, there's fireweed still going strong.

One of my favorite hobbies, stalking bees.

I'm happy to say the ducks will be at Lake Lucille for awhile still. They're just so much fun to sit and watch.

There must have been about fifteen of 'em around the last time I was there, so this is just part of the group.

Looking eastward, a hint that it was a sorta stormy looking day.

I took this one from one of the parking lots at Idita-Park, so it's outta order.

Lake Lucille again, looking sorta westward.

Looking across Lake Lucille

Wasn't sure what the heck they were doing, but appears to be some effort to clean the lake.

In some areas, two cars would be a status symbol. Here it takes two planes to impress anyone.

The gazebo at Lake Lucille against a cloudy sky.

Back home and in the back pasture.

When you hear us talk about the fluff on the fireweed, this is what we're talking about. It really is a fluffy stage, one, alas, indicating the end of summer is drawing nigh. Seeing it makes mushers happy, tho'.

More fluff

The blooms have reached the top, tho' this one hasn't developed any fluff yet.

You've seen a photo of fireweed against the sky here. Same piece of fireweed as it has waned.

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