Monday, August 24, 2009

Flashback! First Glacier Cruise, Part 2

Slush field
This is the bottom side of that big chunk of ice, ie iceberg, seen earlier. I'm sure I was probably being quite annoying chattering about the Titanic at this point. Ha

Finally! Caught one calving, ie breaking off and going kaboom into the water.

I was obviously fascinated by the slushy effect.

Looking back, not wanting it all to be over.

Waterfalls, some frozen

It was raining harder as we headed back to the harbor.

That's Whittier appearing out of the haze as we approach.

The drive home was pretty spectacular, too. This shot and the rest all taken through the windows of Rosemary's Cadillac as we traveled.

This stretch is one of my favorite sections of the drive. You can almost always count on capturing a spectacular shot with your camera here.

And, finally, back home again, with home being Anchorage at that point. I'd have still had an hour's drive ahead of me had I had to drive to Wasilla!

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