Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Overcast skies

We're had some blue skies the last couple days but do I get it in gear and go shoot some photos with pretty blue skies? Of course, not. That would involve getting off my butt, getting dressed, putting on boots, the whole routine, and heading out. So, this one is from Sunday when I was on the way home from a grocery run. We've been having some winds, too, so what snow was on the trees has largely blown away, tho' I've promised myself to make the effort to get out there with the camera when we get snow on the trees again and it evolves into hoarfrost, which usually means it's bloody cold out there! Absolutely gorgeous effect, tho', and one I've never failed to be glad I've ignored the cold for to go shoot. So, for now, here's a rather gray day on Wasilla Lake (about 1:15 pm). More photos soon, I promise.

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