Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Day at the Foster's House

Thanksgiving Dinner at Bonnie and Jim Foster's House

If you've ever been to the Foster's house, you know what a long table this is and it was loaded from one end to the other with food and more food. We were all very well behaved, however, and didn't munch....okay, so we munched a little. Oh, okay, we munched lots.
Of course there were dogs! This is Lynn (not sure of spelling, sorry), from New Zealand, who is visiting. She has dogs at home, too, but was enjoying Bonnie's crew.

Jim adding some wood to the fireplace, Lexie behind him.

Don't you just love it when dogs are so comfy that they're so sure you're not going to step on them that they just plop down in the middle of things?

Eric and Pat, front, I think talking house hunting with Lexie, who was just outta range right, and Leslie and Christine behind them chatting in the kitchen.

Bonnie talking to Mike, who came by and grabbed dinner but couldn't stay long because he had to, gee, get in a long run tonight with the dogs.

Before (take note so you can compare with the after photo later)

Jim brings out the carving knife.

Did I mention that we had lots of food?

Lots and lots of food. Do you think it's any coincidence that after taking all these photos of food that I dumped the camera for rest of the evening and grabbed a plate?

I did think to bring it out at the end, however, for an "After" shot. Thanks for having me, Bonnie and Jim. Good food, good friends, and a lovely, albeit fattening evening.

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