Friday, November 12, 2010

Is it winter yet?

I'm not complaining that the temps are staying reasonably warm for Nov. in Alaska, but the white blanket of snow is sure pretty. Old Town Wasilla.
Still at Old Town Wasilla, the cabin built for the governor in the futile effort to move the state capital to the Mat-Su Valley.

A quick peek down on Wasilla Lake from the Pizza Hut parking lot. There is ice on the surface of the lake but I'm sure it can't be very thick yet. Just hasn't been cold enough.

Still in the parking lot, but looking across the lake's park at the picnic tables and where there is a pathway. The vehicle to the rear is on Parks Highway, which runs past the lake.

Hadn't been over to Lake Lucille for awhile, so decided to make a quick trip over there today while the sun was shining and the temps were in the 30s.

Whoa, did someone go through the ice? Next question, if so, were they nuts? No way it's frozen thick enough to hold someone.

The longer view of the docks from the deck with the broken ice chunks clearly visible to the left of the dock.

Close-up of the ice chunks. What might appear to be open water is actually where the lake water seeped up through the cracks and refroze, but, again, no way this is going to hold anyone's weight.

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