Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wasilla Lake

As always, there's just something about the mountains that speaks to my soul.

Ice on the lake.

What looks like open water is ice where the strong winds we recently had blew all the snow that had covered it away.

Long view across the lake. Once the ice has frozen thick enough, there will be a makeshift hockey and skating rink along the front edge of the lake. It's great fun to just go park and watch people skating (and, yes, falling).

No matter what direction you look, there's still quite a view from my vantage point in the Pizza Hut parking lot.

I took a shot of the picnic area a few entries ago. This time, much of the snow that was there then has blown away.

Maybe I should start a photo folder called "Through My Dirty Windshield". This was a quick shot looking up Crusey just as I was about to turn left and head home. That's Wasilla High School dead ahead of me, while Wasilla Middle is located to the left sorta behind where all those trees are. There's a street light about where the darker portion of Crusey ends that I could go up to and make a left to go home, but I kinda like going past the "Old Wasilla Township" area, even if it does involve more stop signs.

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