Saturday, November 27, 2010

Palmer Jaunt

I seem to be living in a Christmas card again right now. This view is looking north from just below the end of my driveway.

The view down Lone Cub.

A bit closer look. I was using the Olympus camera and it's slower to recycle than the Canon, but worked to my advantage here with this nice close up.

Loved the church spire against the sky with the mountains as a backdrop. It's across from Colony High School.

Gee, can you guess where this one was taken?

Rosemary told me once that I needed to remember to take pix of the "real world" here in Alaska occasionally, too, so here's "Real World, Palmer, Trash Day". Taken from the Fred's gas station over there. Gave me a chuckle.
On the way home, having just turned off Palmer-Wasilla Hwy. onto Seward Meridian. Looking north at the Talkeetna Mts.

Just pretty snow pix taken out along Bogart.

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