Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Quick Tromp Thru the Snow

Everywhere I looked today, people seemed to be obsessing over politics, but "me and my shadow" decided we needed a break -- I really hate the politics of politics, if that makes any sense -- and briefly headed outdoors to tromp around in the snow. For the record, this was the first time this winter I put on my snowboots.

The biggest part of the yard is absolutely pristine, not even marked by any stray paw prints, probably cos it snowed overnight and earlier in the day and hadn't stopped that long before I went out. BTW, the temp was almost 40F while I wa shooting these!

By the time I ventured out, tho', a warming trend had hit and much of the snow that had coated tree branches only a couple hours before had melted away. Much of what remained could be found on the two big spruce trees in the front.
Even here, tho', the meltdown was continuing.

Followed my shadow out to the end of the driveway and snapped this shot looking north toward the Talkeetna Mountains. As you can see, Wasilla was under a lovely blue sky and the snow wasn't particularly deep. It probably looks more impressive here than it really was cos of passing vehicles tending to bunch it up in the middle and sides.

I then walked up to the end of Holiday and shot this view down toward Wasilla. The mountains in the distance were mostly socked in and no real snow on the trees, but this remains on of my favorite views.

I'm pretty sure this is the tire track left as the garbage truck passed.

From the back yard, a view of the snow on the deck and steps. When I went to bed last night there was very little snow left on the deck, so this is a good measure of how much came down overnight.

Not much snow clinging to the pine cones.

I upped the contrast here just a bit so you could see the texture of the snow. For the most part it was the light, fluffy type, unlike the wet, heavier snow that had fallen a few days ago and melted. I'm not quite sure what the marks are, either from blowing leaves or maybe some bird bouncing around on it.

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