Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lazy Day

Looking back at the house from near the end of the driveway.

Lots of blues and purples left in the flower beds, but that's about it.

Heading out along the road, the fireweed is still pretty...

....even as it nears the end of its run.

Oops, did I speak too soon. Nears? Uh, oh, next comes fluff, then comes Ol' Man Winter.

Pretending that I hadn't noticed the fireweed, I snapped a few more photos of flowers. Like the fireweed that I didn't see, this one is just growing wild along the roadside of the fence.

Butterfly marker: It's looking a tad rough, but this serves to tell me where the yard ends and the driveway begins when I'm snow blowing. I've spent way too much time blowing snow outta the yard, so this helps me save some energy.

Barkyard decor, courtesy of two of the ugliest, twisty'est (is that a word?) darn trees I've ever seen, but there's something beautiful about 'em when I zero in on the pine cones.

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