Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What else, more flowers

After trying to convince Mr. Birdie to move over a bit one way or the other for the reflection shot on the wet deck, I gave up and just cliked.

Leaves? Falling leaves? Hey, someone tell Mother Nature she's making a mistake. I'm not supposed to have leaves falling in my yard yet!

Line-up! Fireweed lining the outside of the fence along the road.
Now back to the flowers. You're going to have to forgive me for the flower obsession but, well, they're here so briefly that I somehow just want to capture each one.

I think I got just a trifle carried away with myself with this fireweed thing. Ha

Can you find the bee in this and the next shot? I was bee stalking.

Growing along the road

My lovely front yard spruce against the sky

Okay, this one isn't as lovely as trees go, but you've got to admit it's interesting looking.

Honest, I did the "framing" on purpose to make it look like stuff was growing out of my fireplace chimney. I even stepped on a flower to get this shot, so appreciate it! Ha
Courtesy of a flower barrel alongside the McDonalds drive thru, go figure. This is the same McD's with the cool decor inside, btw.

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