Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mts. and ducks and bees and flowers...and a cute kid

Somehow, the first thing that popped into mind for this one was, "One if by land, two if by sea...", er, lake.
Colors aren't right in this one but wanted to clearly show you where the snow, er, the "that's not snow" is lurking on the mountains.

Needless to say, some clouds lurking about, too.

Looking across Wasilla Lake from the general area of where you walk in from the parking lot.

Duckies don't want anything to do with the cute kid, I'd say. They were headed ashore until they saw him, then switched direction fast.

Someone's always has to be the odd duck out and this was the one. I think he must have thought I was a strangely dressed tree cos I thought he was going to walk right up to me for awhile. I believe this is his, "Get the right profile, it's my best side" hint.

Checking out the left profile, not too bad, Duckie, my new duck friend.
But, back to the mountains...
Walking up along the edge of the park a bit, shot this one from more of the angle from Parks than the parking lot.

Anyone surprised out there that the flower beds stopped me in my tracks?

Fireweed....going to fluff?

Someone, quick, tell me this isn't wnat I'm seeing. No fireweed fluff here. Must have been some of that, uh, cotton stuff the mountains have been using to make us think they have termination dust.

I just love the colors here. I've got this same lamp post encased in lacy ice from last winter somewhere.

Eventually it was time to stalk a bee...or two....or three...

Click on this one and enlarge it to get a gander at the size of the one holding centerstage. It even managed to make me miss the flying one until I got home and downloaded these.

Speaking of bees, back closer to home....alongside the road near my driveway.
Coming in for a landing! Check out the bee top center!

This one seems to be similar to a jet coming in for a landing. All systems go, landing gear down, flaps up, runway in sight... And don't miss the other bee sorta center

Looking north toward the Talkeetna Mountains. I'm standing at the end of my driveway. The dark clouds at the top were actually beginning to roll in, so I headed inside, leaving the bees to practice landings without me.

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