Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Sunny Day at Wasilla Lake

Sunshine? Whoa, what a novel concept. Even tho' it didn't translate into clear shots of the mountains, it was still nice to be out and about at Wasilla Lake for a bit today.

Amazing! While that sun felt good, the water was cold!
Yippee, some mountains, albeit a tad shrouded.
Creature of habit that I am, when the mountains don't cooperate, I turn to the flowers. This one was in the flowerbed under the "Welcome to Wasilla" sign that you pass just this side of Freds.

"Welcome to Wasilla"

Just some flowers growing alongside the lake.
Stalking bees is always fun
Winging their way to.... who knows?

Welcoming Wagon Duck?
I'm looking across Wasilla Lake at the Talkeetna Mts. It was obviously a bit cloudy that way, too.
Something tells me no one, but no one would argue with this big guy. His humans were there for a political event that I wandered into.
Impressive, huh?
Food? Did I hear someone mention there was food at the pavilion? Let's see, Mark Begich for Senator? He's got my vote. They gave me junk food, a cupcake and a free soda. Yep, I can be bought.

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