Saturday, August 30, 2008

Let the sun shine...

Played with the contrast with this first one to show the termination dust more clearly so the colors aren't really accurate, but still a pretty day. Remember, if you click on a photo, it'll show you a larger version.
Looking across Wasilla Lake

Another one where I tinkered with the contrast, but shows the snow pack atop the more distant mountains.

At least we don't have to worry about keeping Ol' Smokey the Bear busy right now.

Looking across Wasilla Lake toward the Talkeetna Mts.

Anyone out there surprised that I meandered down to the flower bed under the welcome to Wasilla sign by the lake?

Pretty in pink....Cosmos, I'm told. Trust me, I don't know this stuff myself. I've decided I'm hopeless at flower names, so I just take pictures of "pretty flowers".

Weirdly enough, the mountains looked clearer than this to the naked eye so I've either gotten to be a rotten photographer, always possible, or there was a hazy something in the air that the lens picked up that didn't show to my eyeballs. Ha

Gotta love those skies, which somehow manage to dwarf even the mountains.

Kicked back and relaxing on a sunny afternoon, these folks were actually reading.

Somehow it still amazes me to see folks playing in water that to my former Floridian self is frigid!

Hey! More flowers!

Uh, oh, check out the fireweed.

Double uh-oh, check out the fireweed up close.

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Marcia C said...

Awesome photos!