Tuesday, November 08, 2011

And more snow....and Wasilla Lake

 The driveway was cleared yesterday down to the pavement so there was obviously some more snow overnight.

 Betty, your spruce tree is guardian of the winter snow pile from the driveway plowing.

 License plate? This is Alaska, we don't need to be able to read no stinking license plate.

 Back to one of my favorite photo spots of late, the Pizza Hut parking lot above Wasilla Lake. Loved the low cloud just sorta sitting there on the mountains.

 Close up view

 The building stretching across part of the lower right of the pix is Fred Meyers.

 The snow and cold are beginning to create interesting patterns in even the most mundane things, like this weed.

 I guess the ice must be pretty solid tho' seems just a tad early to me to be out there making patterns in the snow with your snow machine.  Ha

Hard to tell already where the shoreline ends and the lake begins.

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