Friday, November 11, 2011

Random Scenics

 I love my spruce trees!

 Snow clinging to one of my birch trees alongside the driveway.

 Hmm, Christmas card?  View off my hill across Parks Highway, Lake Lucille, and to the distant Chugach Mountains.

 Looking down Briar to the east across downtown Wasilla, such as it is.

 From the parking lot at Idita-Park

 Whoa, who took such a big bite outta the spruce tree?

 I believe I'll title this photo "The Leaning Tree"

 For those who live in the south, here's a little hint of what we run into if we park outside when it's snowing. Not mine, phew, but in the Carrs parking lot.

Blue Marble (more on this soon) needs to visit here with me on a day when I've got on boots with high enough tops to walk through the snow over to this recycled train car.

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