Sunday, November 06, 2011

First Serious Snowfall

 Although it's been snowing all around us, we got our first serious, ie 3-4", snowfall overnight. View from "Kathy's Suite" into the backyard.

 This was what it looked like at about 8:30, sorta the fuzzy combo of snow and more overcast than daylight yet. This is the view out the other guest bedroom, btw, looking out and down on Lone Cub Drive at the bottom of the hill.

 Contrasted these up a bit to make the snow against the trees more visible.

 Continuing my "in-the-house" photo jaunt, this one's out my bedroom window, looking generally SW toward the neighbor's prow house. The driveway is in there somewhere.

 Spruce branches as seen from my bedroom window.

Out Kathy's window again, showing the spruce tree in the backyard. Love my spruce trees!
And that's the tour for now. If it lightens up a bit outside and I'm feeling ambitious, maybe I'll get my butt outside and take a few shots.

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