Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Some scenic randomness

 I've been snapping rather randomly and without much thought the last few days, so thought I'd better share before I got too far behind. This and the next shot are from the sunset a couple days ago. Love how the colors, usually some shade of pink or even blue, color the whole landscape.
 I also continue to be amazed at how the colors so often seem to layer themselves in the sky, one atop the other with relatively visible color separation lines.
 I couldn't quite work myself into getting dressed to go chase the sunset for a better angle, but even the everyday view of my backyard was touched by alpenglow, that touch of pink from the skies.

 This is what can happen if you have a metal roof. In this case, this is the old schoolhouse at the Ol' Wasilla Townsite.
 And, I obviously haven't been paying enough attention (or going to the library often enough) because they seem to have made the old schoolbell its own little bell tower just outside the schoolhouse. Pretty cool and I'll try for better pix later.

 I'm happy to say this is not my drain pipe but, yeah, just as pipes freeze here, so do drains.
 Just another day, another view in Wasilla. :)
 Back home and looking south along Holiday down toward the Chugach Mts.

 Hadn't been to Lake Lucille in awhile, so snagged this shot the other day just in case it was getting jealous of all the photo attention I've been giving Wasilla Lake.

 A common sight in Alaska, snow covered cars.

Speaking of Wasilla Lake.....

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