Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Deep Freeze?

 The weather forecast today is calling for temps into negative numbers this evening with winds kicking up and creating a wind chill of some -30 degrees.  Oh, joy, Kansas, here we come again, albeit a frozen Kansas. In any case, decided I'd probably better restock my library book stack while the going was good (only....only?.... +7'ish degrees) and snapped some pix as I meandered about.

 Sigh. Stupid birds. They were bouncing around like crazy in the tree and around it.... until I stopped and raised the camera. Taken on the way to the library.

 From my car in the library's parking lot. I'm in the car, holding the camera parallel to the ground to give you a sense of how big the snow piles have already gotten here. That's Old Wasilla Township to the rear, the ol' Capital Building/Cabin, far right.

 And, of course, just in case I get blown away by the wind, needed one last McD's fries fix. Saw this as I went through the drive-through. This isn't water, btw. It's frozen in motion and will stay that way till the first good warm up, which could be, oh, March?

 You've got to admit, McD's has a nice view. Taken while eating my fries. Ha

 This will become an increasingly common sight around here as winter progresses. Clearing the streets so we can continue to get around up here without a dog team. Mush, you Camry, mush!

Coming home. Had just stopped at the mailbox but had to stop again for this lovely view. Looking generally south, thus across not just Wasilla and Parks Hwy. down the hill a bit, but across Lake Lucille and over to the Chugach Mt. in the distance.

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