Thursday, September 03, 2009

Fall is sneaking up on us

Since I haven't gotten my rear in gear to get out to Hatcher Pass yet for "color", here are a few shots from Wasilla Lake and Lake Lucille. This shot is from the Pizza Hut parking lot above Wasilla Lake.

See the hints of fall in the foliage across Lake Lucille?

And it wouldn't be a trip to Lake Lucille without stalking a few ducks.

My own frontyard isn't sporting tons of color yet, but the birch trees are making sure I've got lots of yellow on the yard to contrast with the green grass.

Seen from the Pizza Hut parking lot.

Wasilla Lake

Looking back up the hill toward Pizza Hut from lakeside.

The steps are quite scenic and a good workout, tho' I usually wind up stopping to take a dozen photos between the top and bottom.

If you hit just the right angle and the sunlight cooperates, tho', you can spy the colors of fall.

Found in the library's flower beds. You can almost feel winter creeping up on us here in Alaska, so I'm taking every opportunity to snap flowers that I can. Won't be long till they'll be covered up by snow.

Even as the flower begins to deteriorate, its beauty still shines through.

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